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At an early age I discovered that not only could I express myself better through writing, but that I enjoyed it as well. However, I did not put this to use until later in life when I began writing for magazines and E-zines in the adult entertainment industry and Lifestyle community.

Considered by some as a Lifestyle Advocate, I actually think of myself as an advocate for life. I believe in the power of networking and despise hypocrisy. I am passionate and often shoot from both the hip and the heart. It is not a fault, just my nature.

The journey I have taken has been down a path full of twists and turns. I have learned much from those I have met and value their enlightenment. To not share what they have bestowed would be a dishonor

Don’t Be A Dick

For those of you who know me, you know that I am an advocate of the Lifestyle. I do not care what club, on-premise or off, you belong too. It is my belief that consenting adults have the right to express themselves, sexually or otherwise, no matter what their marital status, race, age, gender or economic background might be… so long as you don’t hurt someone else. And let me tell you, there are rules that apply here.

One rule is “Don’t Be A Dick”. If you get the impression I am about to target men… you’re right. Let’s face it… we can be a dick at times. Every Lifestyle club I have ever been to has its own rules and the first is normally “No means no”. 99% of the time this rule is observed. However, it is not always done with tact. This might be attributed to the fact that sometimes we (men) let our egos, or manhood, get in the way. We don’t always take rejection very well. Alcohol has also been known to contribute to incidents. One piece of advice… if this is you… don’t take it so personal. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, their own turn-ons and turn-offs and their own agendas... just like you.

Believe it or not, not everyone that attends a social or a swingers club is there to get it on. Some people just simply like being in that environment. Strange, but true. I know couples that go to on-premises clubs where they dance, have a couple of drinks, socialize with others then go home where they f*** like rabbits. That’s their thing and that’s alright. It is also my opinion (take it or leave it) that single females deserve the same respect. Let’s face it… they are Golden Unicorns (precious and rare) and are the center of almost every couple’s fantasy. However, every couple (or single male) may not be theirs.

The point is this… social parties and swingers clubs were established to provide those who wish to be there a place where they could express themselves sexually and live out their wildest fantasies. However, they were established with the idea that this would be done in a manner where no one felt uncomfortable. Let’s not forget to treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated. And if you are one who does not care, male or female, then you don’t belong there. There is more to the Lifestyle than just sex. Don’t be a dick.

As Jerry Springer use to say, “Be good to yourself and to each other.”

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