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Dr Dean Peterson , aka Dr. Dean.
Dr Dean Peterson has had wide experience in Public Health, Family Medicine, Hypnotherapy, and Prison Medicine. He has been associated with lifestyles organizations in one form or another for thirty five years, and is well known in the Las Vegas area.
This is not a medical advise column, this is Dr. Dean's view on things that effect you and the lifestyle.

Body Piercing

For anyone who has spent time around lifestyles people, it is obvious body piercing has become quite popular. Many men and women are opting to get piercing of various body parts, From an esthetic standpoint, I remain quite neutral about these. Ears , nose, eyebrow, and umbilicus piercings are usually quite benign, but from a more pragmatic standpoint, there are two types of piercings that it would seem one would be wise to think about and consider seriously, before perusing same. This would be oral and genital piercings.

People who pierce parts of their mouths risk losing their teeth, says a new study in The Journal of the American Dental Association. Sticking jewelry in the tongue or lip, even for just a short time, can harm the gums and lead to tooth loss, say researchers at the University of Maryland. the moist active environment of the mouth provides an ideal setting for piercing based infectionsand injuries.

Genital and oral piercing, by their nature, destroy the natural built in mechanisms of avoiding infection. The genital and oral mucosa is lined with a protective membrane, and mucous secreting cells which guard against infection. This wonderful protection which is built in, is replaced by thin scar tissue in the piercing site. This thin tissue is prone to break down with the friction of sex, exposing small blood vessels called capillaries. This can be more easily the site of transferring the HIV and hepatitis C virus. It is well known that these viruses are transmitted through blood.

Only by considering these added risks to our, as some would say risky lifestyle, can we make an informed decision as to whether to pierce, or whether to not to pierce.

Dean G. Peterson M. D.

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