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Will Larry Flynt be good for California and Lifestyles?

The registered Democrat, civil libertarian and free speech advocate has announced that he wants to save California for its troubles and become governor.

If Mr. Flynt works it right he stands a great chance of becoming the next Governor of California.

There are about Twenty Million people old enough in California to vote. In the last major election about half of the people old enough to vote turned out to vote for president in 2000.

There is about Seven Million Gays and another One Million or so people in California that lead some alternative lifestyle. If you figure there is about Two Million more people that are in support of alternative lifestyles and the porn industry which California is the capital of then you have a total vote power of about Ten Million people!

Mr. Flynt is a man that has shown that he can run a business. When most of his magazine competitors are currently losing money or going out of business his empire is still growing and making money. California is in serious money problems so who better then a man that will not be afraid to make the hard decisions when it comes to turning California’s financial problems around.

Mr. Flynt also is a true believer in the rights of the citizens of this country when it comes to their personal choices and lifestyles. He is one of the few that has the guts to put his money where his mouth is and fight for not just his rights but the rights of all.

Maybe it is about time that we get behind someone that is more then pretty and check out the man that just might be able to not only fix California’s money problems but also support the rights of the people that live there.

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