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Known as one of the least politically correct people both on and off the Internet. I believe in being responsible for my own actions and beliefs, not blaming others or my environment for what I do or what happens in my life. People either love me or hate me, either way they are talking about me.

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Is the Internet helping the Lifestyle?

Since the inception of the Internet, I have personally seen massive changes in many things dealing with the Lifestyle and Swingers.

Years ago to find a swing party you had to either buy the little “adult” papers or know someone that had an “in” to get a invite to the parties. Today anyone can find Thousands of parties by just spending a couple of minutes on the Internet.

The biggest difference between now an then that I can see is the type of parties and the people that come to the clubs since the information has become so easy to find.

Currently, many of the parties and crowds at the clubs seem to be only about dancing, playing pool and just hanging out and socializing, rather than how the old type of “swinger parties” were. Not to say that some of the good old sex parties don’t take place, they just are not the norm like they used to be.

I believe that with the ease of finding information about the Lifestyle and clubs these days, there has been an all new door opened to many people that would never have ventured to the sex parties of the past.

They have restyled the Lifestyle in a way to make it more excepted to more people then just the “players” crowd. A crowd that likes the freedom and experiences that you can have in a club that is not your typical judgmental meat market in the straight world.

We meet a lot of people on line that say they are swingers, in the Lifestyle or are new to all of this and want information about the Lifestyle. That would seem positive on the surface.

What we have really found is that most people that we talk to online like the part of the Internet of being a “non-person”. They can hide, they can be something they are not, can feel free to be rude and irresponsible. We have talked to people online that claim to be a woman, but in talking to them we know that it is a man. With the anonymity that the internet provides, a single man can be a woman, or a couple or the other way around. We also talk to hundreds of people that say they want to go to events or meet new people but then they never show up even after they have confirmed.

It appears that the Internet has allowed people to not only forget about the days of true sex parties, but also their manners, honesty and basic responsibilities to others.

The Internet has made lifestyle clubs and many other things become profitable businesses but only time will tell if it is really good for the lifestyle over all.

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