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I have been working in the adult entertainment industry since 1980, adult video production, adult BBS and adult Internet. Been around or involved in the LifeStyle most of my adult life, both as a single male and now thanks to Laura, I am the male part of a couple.

Known as one of the least politically correct people both on and off the Internet. I believe in being responsible for my own actions and beliefs, not blaming others or my environment for what I do or what happens in my life. People either love me or hate me, either way they are talking about me.

You may not agree with what I say but that does not make me wrong and you right, just proves that we both can think for ourselves.
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Meeting up online

I have found from personal experience that meeting people online for relationships or just playmates can be fun and also a perverse form of entertainment and frustration dealing with the trolls.

Six years ago I was a single father that worked online at home, not getting out for anything more then shopping for groceries once every couple of weeks. I got lucky and met Laura online, we are still together today.

We still work at home on the net and talk with hundreds of people online each week. Being in the Lifestyle we look for new playmates, men, women and couples to mostly find fakes and flakes are running rampant on the Internet.

Now don't take me wrong, I believe that the Internet is one of the greatest things ever to come along. It has given me the chance to meet many new people, find some great parties and learn things that I would never have had the chance to without it in my lifetime.

It has also made me wonder why people feel they can get online and be something that they are not in real life. I call them Trolls.

Guys have to be the most entertaining, foolish and also shoot their self in the foot more then I could even imagine they could in real life. The things they will say to women, having blank profiles, only posting pictures of their dicks. Posting a picture of your dick online does one thing for most women, it just makes you look like a dick!

When I am in a group at a club the entertaining part is listening how the women talk about the men they talk to online but it is also disturbing because of the picture that men have painted for the women of this world.

One of stupidest things I see online is when men hit on the ladies, asking them to drop what she is doing and come to their place right now. She tells them no and then they start using words like whore, slut, bitch… Etc…. No wonder these guys are online all the time, typing with one hand and jacking off with the other. You know they have not had a woman in years and it will properly be years before they have one again.

Online dating is just like going to a club. You get one shot at making a good impression. Put your best foot forward, not your dick in your hand. Give them a reason to want to meet you. You're having a big dick it not going to impress most women online. When was the last time you walked up to a woman in a bar with your dick in your hand and asked her if she wanted to suck you off? Why do this online if you are for real or are you just into pissing women off so that you can sit home jacking off the rest of your life?

We have met a lot of great people to play with online and hope to meet hundreds more in our life time but people need to wise up. The Internet is getting the rep of being nothing but assholes and fools.

Can you do your part to help fix it?

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