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Who is taking your rights away?

Everyday I hear from people and read articles saying that the government, the Christian’s and others are taking away our rights in the lifestyle.

Every time I hear this I wonder why people in this day and age have become so reluctant to stand up for their own rights and actions and stop blaming the rest of the world for what is happening in their lives.

Not to long ago a lot of the Lifestyle clubs in Arizona where raided and the owners arrested because a law had been put in place that would no longer allow swing clubs. In every article that I read what is taking place I see “swingers” being interviewed, blaming it on the Christians that had persuaded the city council to pass that law.

The Christians where not the bad guys here. They felt strong enough about their conventions and way of life to get out and do something to protect their beliefs.

Where were the swingers when that law as passed? Why where they not at the council meeting expressing their views and standing up for their own rights? Swingers get mad and blame Christains for passing judgement yet swingers pass judgement on Christains all the time.

Now the owners of the clubs are going to court to fight this law, they have asked for help from their patrons since this is going to be a very expensive fight. These club owners are not just fighting a battle for their own clubs; they are fighting for the rights of all swingers to have the right to be a swinger.

After hearing from many of the owners, I am hearing that they are receiving little to no support from almost no one. Very few have stepped up to fight for their rights!

Swingers seem more then willing to open their mouths and complain to each other about how their rights are being taken away, but when it comes time to do something about it they won’t even put their money where their mouths are. Many of these clubs have thousands of members, would it hurt each member to give up twenty dollars for the fight?

Many Swingers tend to hide in the closet. Some say because of their jobs, friends, kids, I have heard many reasons (excuses). I do not understand how someone can choose a lifestyle that they are so ashamed of that they have to hide it from everyone in their life that is important to them.

There are thousands, if not millions of swingers in the world. The problem is that with everyone hiding they do not know that they could have all the support of these people if everyone would get out of the closet.

Who is taking your rights away? NO ONE, you are giving them away freely!

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