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I have been working in the adult entertainment industry since 1980, adult video production, adult BBS and adult Internet. Been around or involved in the LifeStyle most of my adult life, both as a single male and now thanks to Laura, I am the male part of a couple.

Known as one of the least politically correct people both on and off the Internet. I believe in being responsible for my own actions and beliefs, not blaming others or my environment for what I do or what happens in my life. People either love me or hate me, either way they are talking about me.

You may not agree with what I say but that does not make me wrong and you right, just proves that we both can think for ourselves.
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Swinging is not for everyone.

I read many forums each day and also help host at a very large swing club in Las Vegas. I get to see just about anything and everything dealing with swinging because of this.

The thing that amazes me is that many people and many people that are already in the Lifestyle do not seem to understand that swinging is not for everyone. Not everyone is cut out to be a swinger and there are many people that just do not want to be swingers.

I see many men come to online forums asking how to get their wife interested in swinging. This is almost a daily thing that I have come across. They explain that they brought it up to their wife and she just said flat NO! That she is not interested. They then come to the forums and ask swingers now to get their wife to reconsider and get involved. I then see swingers telling him to just take it slow. Bring it up once in a while and move at her pace.

Now, since this is a Lifestyle about being totally honest and NO always means NO I have to wonder what part of NO all these people do not understand.

There is many people in this world that do not want to have sex with anyone besides their spouse. They do not want to get naked in front of others or watch others having sex.

There is NOTHING wrong with anyone that feels this way so why is it that so many spouses and swingers feel that anyone can be changed to see our way of life?

Many people are perfectly happy being with one person their entire life, let them have their happiness and let it be. Why try to teach a spouse to turn someone into something they have no desire to be.

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