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Taking it all too far!

After spending 5 wonderful days at the Lifestyles convention in Las Vegas I took some time off and listened to raves, complaints and opinions of many people that also went to the convention.

I have to commend the staff and volunteers of the Lifestyles Organization for being able to entertain and lead Three Thousand plus open minded and sometimes childish adults through something like this.

I have heard many complaints about the sex police! (Vice cops, gaming control board and the liquor control board)

They were making the ladies put band aids or pasties on their nipples, most of the time making sure that the breasts where covered from the top of the nipple down. We all like to see titties and did not care for the rules and many feel the blame should be put on the Lifestyles Organization or on the Hotel. People have to understand that Lifestyles does not make the laws (rules) and the Hotel is going to enforce what ever the sex police tell them to. Their gambling license is worth Millions of dollars and they are not going to take the chance on losing it.

Were the sex police correct in what they where doing? NO! They are using a law that pertains to servers of liquor. (Cocktail waitresses) Can something be done about this? YES! Question is who is going to pay for the battle? (Your rights) By the way the real law reads in the private dance parties held during the convention the women had the right to be topless. The only way to retain this right is going to be a very long court battle that will cost Hundreds of Thousands if not Millions of dollars. Now many believe that since the Lifestyles Organization puts on the conventions that they should be the one fighting the battle and laying out the cash to do so. That is one of the main problems with people today, they want someone else to preserve their rights and pay for their rights. Most people are not willing to put their money where their mouth is when it comes time to fight for your own rights.

There is also another problem when it comes to our rights. Some people take things way to far. There were women getting into elevators exposing their breasts when children where present. There was a guy at a public pool that felt the need to remove his swim trunks then when advised by the sex police to put them back on had to stand up, do a naked dance before covering himself back up. Seems there is still a few that have to try to ruin things for everyone.

Now I know that many of us would love to run around the hotel naked and have sex on the slot machines but we have to get real here. Many are upset because they feel that our rights are being taken away from us yet some people in the lifestyle feel that they can inflict their views and ways on others that are not part of the lifestyle. We can not have it both ways. If we want respect and our rights respected then we have to be willing to use some common sense and respect the rights of others also.

There is always going to be some bad apples in every group but instead of cheering them on when they do something stupid we need to advise them to have some respect and help protect our rights rather then giving the “other” world reasons to go after us. As with anything, if we do not police ourselves then someone else will and we are not going to like the outcome of it.

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