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What is the Lifestyle to you?
There are many different lifestyles in this world and I am not going to write here pretending to be the expert on any of them.
Many people come here wanting to know about a lifestyle choice. The true experts are the ones that live their own life. What you enjoy and believe in a lifestyle may or may not be the same as someone else sharing that same lifestyle.
Write to us telling us what your lifestyle choice is and what it means to you.
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Only letters that include your Name and E-mail Address will be considered.
Names will not be withheld for any reason. All letters used are subject to editing.
Hate speech's and pure B.S. will not be printed.
E-Mail address will not be printed unless you request it.
We will break the letters down in Catagories. (swinger, bi, gay, TG and other)

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