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Swing Clubs at Risk

Ten years ago I remember reading that Conservative Christians were making plans to control everything in American life from our schools to our elected political officials. They were well organized and well financed. The prediction at that time was that one-day we would wake up and find that they would control everything we did in life.At the time I can remember being outraged, but just like most of you I was apathetic and did nothing!


On Monday I got the news that The Lifestyles Organization is still involved in legal action with the ABC in California. Hereís the link if you want to see the opinion For those of you who donít know what Iím talking about the alcohol control board in California placed undercover agents at Lifestyle dances. They used a 1970 law that outlawed topless / bottomless dance clubs from serving alcohol. The reason for the law was that supposedly alcohol and nudity would promote prostitution, drug use, sexual assault, obscene behavior, and STDs. Now it appears that the ABC will take away the liquor license from the Holiday Inn in Long Beach just to make an example of them even though there have been no Lifestyle dances there since 1998,1413,204~21474~1389418,00.html. If this happens do you know of many hotels that will take a chance on loosing their liquor license so that you can hold a lifestyle dance?


In this issue you may have already read about Club Chameleon, a great swing club in Phoenix. On December 9, 1998 the City of Phoenix voted unanimously to enact ordinances that would ban swing clubs in Phoenix. Why did they take that action? Was it because there was overwhelming public support for such an action? No, there were three public meetings at which ninety percent to the people were in favor of keeping swing clubs open. Was it because there were problems with prostitution, drugs, or rape? No, Police reports show fewer calls to swing clubs in comparison with neighborhood bars. Neighbors submitted letters saying the clubs had actually reduced crime in their areas. Was there a problem with the transmission of HIV/STD? The reality is there has never been a documented case of a swinger with HIV. AIDS activist presented a strong case against any kind of public health problem.


The Swing clubs in Phoenix have business licenses and have complied with building codes at a cost of thousands of dollars. These swing clubs are some of the best in the Nation. No alcohol is served in the clubs.


The religious group National Family Coalition (Protecting Neighborhoods and Children) led the moralist attack in Phoenix. Their goal is to help 1000 cities across the country stamp out consenting adult sexual activities.


The swing club owners have been in court since 1998 defending themselves. A few months back the owners of the clubs were arrested and had to spend the night in jail. The clubs are still in operation pending appeal but given todayís conservative political agenda do they have much of a chance?


Itís time for a wake up call folks. If you value your lifestyle you have to get involved. We have to start getting politically involved and elect candidates who value individual freedom. We have to come out of the closet and start defending our rights as individuals.


What can you do? You can start by supporting your clubs. If we donít use it, weíll loose it. The clubs in Phoenix for example will only survive if you support them financially and attend parties regularly. Itís also time to write a check for your freedom. A good place to start is by supporting the legal battle in Phoenix. If we fail in Phoenix, your club will be next, and it will be much easier for them to close your club down. Information about the legal defense fund is on Chameleons site You donít have to write a big check. We could win this battle if we all just give whatever we can afford.


Itís time to get active. We need to let the leaders of NASCA, and ILA, know that we are behind them with financial support and help, but if we give support, we expect results. Another organization deserving our support is the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, Itís time to stop the politics and fighting. We need to work towards a common goal before itís too late! Itís time to stop blaming others for our problems and stand up for our freedom.


Thatís the way we see it.


Michael and Vicki Jackson

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